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Equal Opportunity Revenue Stream

Content Creator economy with sufficient scale to maximise visibility and revenue potential

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Earning Revenue as a Community

iiino is an ecosystem utilising smart contracts and protocols on Ethereum to autonomously track content statistics and effect revenue distribution through the iiino Token. The iiino Ecosystem consists of 3 core components.


Revenue Aggregating Platform lets users register for an account, upload videos, track performance and get paid in iiinos


Merchant Rewards Engine tracks data to derive performance statistics used in calculation of revenue distribution


iiino Token is an ERC 20 Standard token generated on the Ethereum Blockchain with Minting and Escrow functions

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People In Numbers

Giving the Long-Tail of creators an opportunity to earn revenue by aggregating their videos onto one collective channel. Pooling revenue into one channel and redistributing proportionately within the community.

Narrowing the Revenue Disparity

Just 20% of videos account for 80% of ad-revenue in the video-sharing industry. This means the average content creator earns little to no revenue for their videos. iiino intends to narrow the income gap by allowing creators to earn revenue from the first dollar up.



Benefits of Tokenising Revenue


Transaction data cannot be tampered with, corrupted or reversed



All iiino transactions are visible on the blockchain

Security via Decentralisation

Use of blockchain technology to jointly manage the database that record transactions


No cross-border restrictions

Ease of Access

Anyone with an internet connection

Low Fees

Transaction fees lower than banks, brokerages and remittance services

Immediate Settlement

No third-party approvals required

Partners of Industry

iiino welcome collaborations within the content creation community. Feel free to speak with us if you are involved with:

  • Film Festivals
  • Short / Feature Films
  • Documentaries
  • Cartoons / Animations
  • Other Independent Video Projects

Video Tutorials

Road Map

Q1 2018
  • iiino Beta Launch
  • Smart Contract Deployment
  • iiino Ecosystem Beta Testing
  • Affiliate Program Launch
  • Ad-Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Influencer Marketing
  • ICO Token Sale Event
Q2 2018
  • Open Invitation to Influential Personalities to Upload Content
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing
  • Bounties for Successfully Attacking Network
  • Commence Development of Video Streaming Infrastructure
  • Commence Development of iiino Market Place Web Portal
  • Develop Partnership with Institutional Content Creators
  • Develop Partnership with Market Place Vendors
  • Modular integration of MRE to partner merchant platforms
Q3/4 2018
  • Launch of Sponsored Original Content Creation
  • Development of Proprietary Ad Network
  • Development of Talent Management Functions
  • Foundation invests in potential projects to expand the iiino ecosystem
  • Launch of Video Streaming Infrastructure
  • Launch of iiino Market Place
  • Launch of Original Content Produced by iiino
  • Launch of Talent Management Economy
  • Implementation of Proprietary Ad Network